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Business Consulting

Consultancy is first of all about people. It is about human relationships, organisations and company’s insights. At LSL Consultancy we deeply understand the desires of our customer, fulfil them and even exceed all expectations

Business Coaching

Coaching is a way to get the life you truly want! Coaching helps you develop your potential and talents and discover more of your authentic self, so that you can attain true fulfilment.


In this fast pace era, know-how is no more static. Unfreeze – Learn – Freeze triangle is constantly applied. LSL puts emphasise on bringing the recent trends and information, making the knowledge not only available but also easy to use to its audience.

Luxury Related Lectures

LSL provides unique prospective and refreshing lectures incorporated with the knowledge and know-how from established to emerging markets.


Established in 2005, LSL is a boutique management consulting firm with extensive experience delivering professional and personalized consultation, coaching and training programs throughout the globe.


LSL Consultancy is built on the strengths of its human potential. Gathering experts of their fields, We are able to cater all the organizational and talent development needs of the companies that we cooperate with. Our team will identify potential problem areas and will provide consultation for management effectiveness, development of coaching skills and organizational strategy.


LSL Consultancy is a boutique management consulting firm with multi industry expertise. With offices in Mainland China, Hong Kong, France and Turkey we serve clients all over the world by providing professional and personalized business consulting, coaching and training programs.


As a full-range management consulting company we will help your company to improve its business results and bring durable changes to business performance and efficiency.


Because the Development and Success of Your Company is Our main Priority

Reason 1

Because of our multi industry expertise that offers you untapped solutions

Reason 2

Because of our rich international perspective and have the ability to be “glocal”

Reason 3

Because we believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and a prerequisite for reliability

Reason 4

Because we only gather the best experts

Reason 5

Because we have a proven track record and results worldwide!


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Our clients in China, the Middle East and Europe are highly satisfied with the expertise our management consultants provide.

Below we have selected some of our clients’ testimonials that describe the impact that our management consulting services have had on their business.

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