4 Ways Successful People Learn More -LSL MANAGEMENT TIP #56

4 Ways Successful People Learn More -LSL MANAGEMENT TIP #56

High-performing people know that continued learning is essential–and employ unique approaches to get the maximum benefit from mastering a new concept or skill. Here are a few ways that successful people learn new things:

Learn how you learn

Maybe you are like Warren Buffett, who starts his morning by reading six newspapers. Perhaps you are a hands-on learner, or would rather listen to a podcast while working out. The important thing is to find out how you learn best, then start putting forth the effort.

Consume challenging material

Choose materials that introduce new concepts and challenge your old ideas. Make sure to have a pen and paper nearby–a study found that handwriting notes can give you a stronger grasp of the concepts than if you tapped away on a laptop.

Go back to class

Successful people enlist help from subject-matter experts to expand their knowledge. To maximize your own learning potential, sign up for a conference, take an online course, or finally pursue that advanced degree.

Get uncomfortable

If you want to strengthen your brain’s connections, you need to challenge yourself with novel tasks. It may feel strange or even frustrating at times, but doing so can result in rich learning experiences. If you want to be more successful, embrace disciplines and topics that are outside the norm for you–and persevere even when mastery is a struggle.

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