Making and Taking Good Decisions: The Ultimate Leadership Skill?

Making and Taking Good Decisions: The Ultimate Leadership Skill?

Making and taking good decisions are usually one of the characteristics of good leaders. Those who are able to take decisions that will lead their company and team to success. Some of them own that 6th sense that helps them to feel that this decision will be a good one. Even if it is something very innovative and it has never been done in the company, they know they should take the risk.


What making and taking good decisions really means?


Making and taking decisions in your professional life usually involves other people: that may be your teammates, your employees, your superiors…

That is why there is no insignificant decisions in the work environment. You have to consider your wellbeing as a leader but also your teammates’ and employees’.

Sometimes it takes a long time to reflect about what consequences will this decision bring to the company. Is the result only positive for yourself or is it also for the others?



The Don’ts of decision making and taking.


The fact with making and taking decisions is that you bear a huge responsibility on your shoulders. The risk is to fall into indecisiveness. While asking yourself whether or not it is a good idea, you may lose track of what to do and not take any decision at all.

You may also fail at decision making if you take to rushed decisions and don’t think about the different options. There is a process of decision taking that will help you to make successful ones.



The Dos of making and taking decision.


Taking and making good decisions can be made instantly but more often involves the decision maker in a process of identification, analysis, assessment, choices and planning.

The more aware of this process you are the more you will be able to take and make good decisions faster.

What is this process exactly?

First, you have to choose what to change. This identification will drive the future decision.

Then, you have to analyse all the different options and to weigh the pros and cons. What is important is to always look at a decision from different perspectives.

Afterwards, you will assess with all the options and pros and cons if you should or not take this decision.

Finally, if you think you should take this decision you will plan everything to make the result you want becoming reality.


Thinking and acting this way will help you to take hard but effective decisions. Those that will empower you as a leader but also your work group and your company.


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