Why You Can’t Do Without Networking?

Why You Can’t Do Without Networking?

Today, the networking part is essential in the professional and personal life of an individual. Throughout our lives we come to meet new people. It starts during childhood when you go to school for the first time and it continues throughout your life. We will subconsciously practice networking for our personal needs: to make friends, share our interests, chat on social networks … What we will sometimes do in a less natural way is to seek to expand our professional network. However, today it is extremely complicated to create, expand or improve your business without having to “network”. 



What does networking mean in a professional language?


One of the definitions that can be found is: “Distribution of elements of an organization or activity into different points related to each other. ” In this case, it is a group of people connected to you or your company.The network can be physical or virtual. You already have this informal network that you have unconsciously created (friends, colleagues, acquaintances) and there is this formal network that you have to develop. This one will bring you a more important “professional utility”. You will then be able to develop a network of persons that you will actually meet during events such as fairs, forums or networking events.And you will also develop a virtual network of people that will be much larger and more uncertain.



How to develop your network?


Developing your network can be both a pleasant and difficult task.Getting to events to meet potential customers can be enjoyable enough for you if you are comfortable in public and like to go to such events. However, if you find yourself in professional parties and exchanging business cards is not your favorite activity, it may be much more of a constraint. Do not panic! That does not mean you cannot build a professional network. The most important point is to focus on network quality rather than quantity.

Imagine, if you only had three contacts but they are great CEOs and know themselves managers, managers and bosses of large companies: it would be much more powerful than having hundreds of contacts evolving in a multitude areas all well different from yours. Quality is one of the most important attributes when it comes to a network. So what to do to develop its network? There are several ways to meet new people regularly:

1) Join: clubs, associations or professional events: forum, networking events

2) Social networks: LinkedIn of course but also use other less known networks. It opens the doors to a huge network of people

3) Do not hesitate to venture: you have an already established network (friends, families, colleagues). These same acquaintances may have in their network people whom they can present to you.

In fact, without really realizing it, we are expanding our network every day.However, we are not all born with a natural talent to develop it. But fortunately everyone can work on their networking abilities.


Why developing your network is so important?


The network or networking have always been important. But today, we are in an era of globalization and ultra-connected. We have access to a larger number of members and much faster than before. So it also means that it is far more likely to be wrong in its choices and to have an inefficient way of networking. But building a quality network and efficiently will help your business to develop and perform. But of these people, you can also learn a lot about how to run a business, to work in a team because it is also a sharing of experience.  We can not ignore today that creating and developing a network is extremely important for the success of a company.



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