Hi readers! Today, we just wanted to publish an interesting quote. Have a look: The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. George Bernard Shaw from We think that this quote is really important, and shows today's reality. Indeed, nowadays we have forgotten...

Dear All,

How are you today? This morning I felt inspired to talk to you about “SUCCESS”. It is such a strange word. How can you define success? Everyone has his personal opinion about it and his personal metrics to judge when it is achieved, but I think there are some common points in which most of us can agree on. Today I would like to talk to you about these common thoughts, the rest is up to !! ;) Well, first of all, as I hope you already read in other posts, you should know by now how much LSL Consultancy Team cares about Communication. We believe communication is at the base of success. You can't build a tower without strong basements! Communication is not easy at all, and the trickiest thing about it is the illusion of understanding. Readers, Never Assume!! To many time we think we have understood at the first shot, but then when it comes to practice we don’t know how to do what we have been asked to. I bet all of you have found himself in this situation once in his life! Haven’t you? We don’t dare to ask questions because we are afraid to appear weak and not clever enough. Believe me, it is the opposite!! If you pose questions it means you want to reach the bottom point and have all the facts you need in order to do a good work. It means you care, and you deeply analyze what you do to reach the best result. image15 So the first thing to be successful, not only in the work field, but also in your personal life is: LEAR HOW TO ASK QUESTIONS This first point leads me directly to the second one on my agenda: CATCH THE OBJECTIVE Of course the primary step is to make questions in order to understand the deliverable you have to achieve. When you have been asked something, listen carefully to your speaker. Catch the Key Words and develop them. The main problem is that too many time people confuse the Object with the Objective. They are two separate and distinctive entities. Take as an example the following guideline: “Build the highest paper tower possible”. What’s the objective and what’s the object? Many people wouldn’t know how to answer and they would mix everything up saying: “The objective is to build a tower”. WRONG!!! The Object is the tower the Objective is the height. Do you see the difference now? Once you got the objective you need to work to achieve it and in order to do so you must take a lot of decisions. We arrived to tip number three: TAKE EFFECTIVE DECISIONS