So you have decided to read the rest ? - Here it comes! image12 The black hat: With this one, you will play the devil's advocate.You should find why your options would not work, which are all the negative points of your strategy and try to criticise all the alternatives you might have. This hat is really useful. If you know and analyse all the danger zones, you will be more effective and efficient in controlling them. You have to possess a negative point of view on your plan in order to take the correct decision. But hold on! See the next one. The yellow hat: After having played the devil's advocate, you should make the totally opposite! You should be positive, and highlights all the goods points of each option you possess in your hands. Be optimistic and you can analyze the benefits of each alternative. I am sure that with this one, you will feel much better! The blue hat:The last one, quite difficult yet important one. The blue hat is here to control the whole thinking process. You don’t have to forget any of these hats because if you forget one of them, your thinking strategy is not balanced any more, and you might take the wrong decision. That is why this hat is so important. After wearing all these different hats,

Hello readers!

Today we want to talk about hats. Although it might seem strange, hats are of extreme importance in leading you towards the 360 degree balanced decisions.

6 Thinking Hats

Most probably you heard about this concept launched by Edward de Bono, but we want to share it again because "knowing it does not mean owning it". So it is time to wear these hats!

The question is:  Which color?  Which situation?

  • Did you know that in average a person makes approximately 773,618 during its lifetime?
  • He regrets 143,262 of them
  • We all make 27 judgments a days starting the very routine ones such as when to set the alarm clock
Wearing these hats will help you in your struggle of: Should or should not? Would or would not? Could or could not? In simple terms your decision will be supported by well thought angles. These 6 thinking hats will help you to have a big picture, and helicopter view over the situation. image13 You can use them everywhere! Have a try! You will see that even if you are in a delicate situation, the energy spent with them will benefit you, in terms of time, strategy and outcome. The white hat: This hat is the first one that you need to wear. With it, you have to make a recap of your data and everything you own at that time; this hat is about the facts, what do you have at this exact moment and also about a recap of what led you there with pros and cons in view.