How to Manage Conflicts in Your Company?

How to Manage Conflicts in Your Company?

Conflict can have a lot of meaning in the business world: you may have disagreement with your employees, with the managers; sometimes managers can’t find the right solution to stop the conflicts within their teams and it can be a huge waste of time and opportunities.

Being able to manage the conflicts in your company can assure the well-being of your employees but will also save the success of your company.




What are conflicts and why we should welcome them?


Let’s be clear, conflicts always happen. You can’t imagine having your own business without any of your employees having conflicts between each other. You have to welcome them: they can actually be very beneficial as you can learn more about team management and your employees: thanks to conflicts workers can grow and learn more about themselves. And finally, you will also learn how to stop conflicts. Yes, because if it is a good idea to let them happen, they should never last and take the control of your teams and employees.


Now when conflicts occur, be ready to listen and communicate. Because if you are waiting for them to solve by themselves, it won’t. Conflicts can have many origins from disagreements to arguments and can be between a manager and their employee or between two colleagues of the same team.


As you will certainly act as a moderator in the conflict you should make sure that everyone will be able to express their point of view and also to listen to the other part.



Finding the right agreement should be your main objective


You should find out where the conflict comes from to propose an agreement that will make it come to an end. Nobody should feel advantaged or disadvantaged in the situation. Usually if it works well the relationships between your employees will become stronger and they will, later, be able to deal with conflicts by themselves without your need to intervene.

The conflict managements and resolution should help you to empower your management technics and you and your employees should grow stronger from it.



When you can’t solve the conflict


Sometimes, even if each part is enough involved in the resolution of the conflict, you can’t go through it and see it comes to an end. Maybe it is because all the agreements don’t seem to suit any of the employees or maybe because the subject of the conflict is too serious to be solve only by you.

You have to accept, especially if you are a young manager and/or CEO and you lack management experiences and conflict solving. Don’t be afraid to ask for the help of someone of your team, one of your colleagues or even from someone outside of your company. Sometimes, an extern person will be able to see the situation from a different perspective and see things more clearly than you or someone from the same company.

Some people are really expert in solving conflicts and can really help you solve the conflicts and learn from that experience.



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