How to create team cohesion?

How to create team cohesion?

How to create team cohesion?

“Alone we go faster, together we go further”. This sentence is right only if there is team cohesion: to be able to work well together people in a team need to trust each other and know each other for managers to implement proper team building techniques. Group cohesiveness is a pillar of successful team work. But team harmony is not always established at the beginning and sometimes needs to be built.

What is team cohesion?

Team cohesion is a level reached by the team in which every member is united, can work well together and complete each other. When a team has cohesion, the teammates feel more committed to their goals and missions. That is why managers are always looking for a better group cohesion to improve their team’s efficiency.

However, from the start, it may be difficult for teammates to have a perfect group cohesiveness, especially when the organization has just been built: it can be hard for some people to find their place within the team.

Why does a team need cohesion?

A team’s efficiency, productivity and moral will be way higher if there is team cohesiveness. We all know that team work can be difficult: there are difficult people, disagreements, some teammates don’t get along together… and sometimes the lack of cohesion can ruin all the potential of a group.

That is why team cohesion is crucial for a group to work and function well. Thanks to a good team cohesion, team members will be way more motivated, will feel more concerned about their goals and will be more able to achieve them.

How to increase team cohesion?

At the beginning, it is not unusual that the cohesion of a team is far from perfect. Fortunately, it is possible to work on it.

Management coaches do a great job to train and coach team to have more cohesion.

Through hard work they make the team get along well by learning to know each other. Each teammate must feel concerned about other members: being able to communicate and listen to the others will build a trustful atmosphere within the team. By working together, team members will reduce the dysfunctions. Building an efficient team cohesion will be essential for the future of the group. The key is to create interpersonal relationships between the members that will help the managers to create a more outstanding team.

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