The Truth Behind Happiness at Work

The Truth Behind Happiness at Work

Your level of happiness at work results most of the time on how much you enjoy your job and you feel you’re commit to it. Liking your job and what you are doing there should be an evidence right?

But many people find themselves literally hating their jobs and going to work only because they have to. This issue is very serious: it can lead to employees’ depression and ineffective work teams.

Happiness at work is clearly one of the key to a successful professional life.


Sometime Happiness is a choice.


It may seem too simple to be true but sometimes we tend to associate work only with negative things. We have to go to work because we need a salary and that is all. However, your job’s tasks may be full of positive aspects like goals achievements, innovations, responsibilities, meeting people

If you are able to think about them maybe you will see your work from a totally different perspective!

Ok, some working days may be more boring than other. You feel like everything you are doing is useless, your colleagues are annoying, but stop two seconds and think about what can make your day a good day anyway: that might be meeting friends, spending time with family, doing some activities you enjoy. Don’t be afraid to confuse professional and private life this time and you will see it will be way easier for you to go through those not-so-enjoyable working days.




Try to focus on you and what you expect from your professional life.


Now you should focus on what could make you feel unhappy at work. Is it because you feel too pressured or you feel like you are going nowhere?  Sometimes we can think we are lost or we don’t evolve anymore and of course it doesn’t encourage us to be more involved in our job or should I say better involved.

You have to understand what you want, what you like and what your limits are.

In one hand, there is no shame to say: “I don’t know”. Once you are clear with yourself about what you expect and what you can do, you will only make commitment you can keep. You will be able to say bye to the failure fear and pressure which can totally ruin your mood at work.

On the other hand, if you feel on the contrary that you can do more or you expected something else don’t stuck yourself in a routine that will make you lose the passion you had when you started working. Don’t be afraid to talk about it with your colleagues and your managers. You may know yourself in a certain way but they may know you differently and can guide you when you doubt about yourself, your capacities and what you should expect from your professional life.



Changing is the answer?


But if in the end your job still doesn’t make you happy and you sure you don’t like it, maybe it is time to change. Leaving is never an easy decision, it can take some time and never happen but looking for new opportunities may boost your confidence and you can appreciate your professional life a little bit more.



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