LSL Management tip #24 Practices of Successful Managers

LSL Management tip #24 Practices of Successful Managers

Dear reader, discover some of the best practices for your leaders.

The 5 Best Practices Every Successful Manager Shares

Nowadays, employee management is a daunting task for many businesses. With the presence of an ‘universal’ manager delegating and covering as many areas of the business, most of the companies lack the effective decision-making practices and therefore risk potential success of their business.

In times like these, it is of utmost significance that a manager is successful and able to make a difference in the bottom line. To do so, every manager must have a grasp of the following key practices:


Knowing Who To Hire – Many businesses do not have an HR department, and the manager is the one responsible for hiring new people. The ability to gauge people on what they have to offer and see the skills, ambition and interest for the job is what every successful manager should be fond of.

Setting Employee Goals – A common rule in a successful company is that every employee must have goals – even if it is the person who wipes down the tables. With such organizational spirit and management led by the manager, the goals will keep the employee focused on moving forward and doing the best they can.

Keeping Communication Open – Whether it’s a new talent that just got hired by the manager or an experienced team member, being open and constantly brainstorming the new ideas and opportunities for growth is a vital thing that every manager should incorporate in a company. Letting the employees know what’s going on in the company and seeing how they feel about it sums up the set successful managerial skills.

Establishing Fair Discipline – Problems do arise every once in a while, and a great manager differs from a bad one with knowing how to face the problems with the individuals who caused it as soon as it happens – for the sake of not happening again.

Training/Coaching – Both the manager and the employees should leverage the tremendous opportunities for personal and growth of the company – by simply being involved in a training or coaching program done by third party experts. After all, everyone can be a better version of themselves and their job roles, and being trained and coached is one of the most essential opportunities that the manager should identify and focus on.


In the end, running a business regardless of its size is a matter of many things. Keeping everything in balance and knowing how to prosper and get the most out of every individual is what sets the bar higher when it comes to being a successful manager.

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