LSL Management Tip #29: 5 Essential Leadership Lessons every Leader needs to know

LSL Management Tip #29: 5 Essential Leadership Lessons every Leader needs to know

Being a leader is never easy and it takes a huge amount of not only energy, concentration, devotion, but also of responsibility, sacrifice etc. Some are born to be leaders, others become ones after long and hard work on themselves. No matter to which group do you belong to, our today’s article highlights the 5 most important traits that you need to posses if you consider yourself to be a great leader already OR want to become one in the future.

  1. Care about people more than anything.

Caring for your employees is as essential as having employees in general. Following the famous saying of “Wars are won by warriors” same applies to the business world. Everyone who dedicates their time, energy and life in general to the success of your company deserve your respect and attention! Showing them you care and appreciate everything they do is a way to motivate them even more.

  1. Judge people by more than their metrics.

The main goal of every single business, no matter the industry, is to drive profit, so it is obvious number metrics are of a great importance. However measuring your employees success only by their numbers is almost never fair and objective. Instead try following the system developed by Bill Campbell, the famous “Coach” of the Silicon Valley.

He came up with a review system that evaluates people across four measures:

  • their traditional metrics;
  • their peer relationships;
  • how well they develop the people who work for them;
  • how innovative they are.
  1. Put a premium on innovation.

Invest into innovations! Going again to the example of Bill Campbell, he has suggested all the Executives he has been coaching to increase their R&D budgets. On his advice, Intuit gave its engineers four hours of unstructured time every week — and wound up with some new products. People have this amazing ability to become times more creative and out-of-box thinkers once they are given the freedom, so do it!

  1. Be completely trustworthy.

Making people trust you and prove them their trust is never going to be wasted or proven wrong is extremely important! In today’s world of profits and having almost nothing saint, being able to actually lean on someone when you are in a need or simply share something is of a great value! Do not underestimate its importance and make sure you are someone who people can rely on.

  1. Be yourself.

Last but not least.. No matter how many books and courses, coaching sessions on leadership you go through, if whatever everyone is telling you does not feel right in your guts, then it is all going to be a waste. Try to merge the knowledge you get with your true real self. Nothing is going to work out if you are in a constant conflict with who you really are.

Try to be who you are, live the way you want to live, and still do really, really well.

Truly yours, LSL Consultancy


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