LSL MANAGEMENT TIP #34: 4 Ways to Deal With a Workaholic Boss Without Getting Burned Out

LSL MANAGEMENT TIP #34: 4 Ways to Deal With a Workaholic Boss Without Getting Burned Out

4 Ways to Deal With a Workaholic Boss Without Getting Burned Out

Here are four dos and don’ts to fix the harmful patterns–it’s the only way for you to start living a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

1. Don’t Enable

If your goal is to get him to understand that you value your life outside the office, you should not, under any circumstances, enable his workaholism. Avoid giving praise when a result is obviously due to overworking. If you know your boss stayed up all night creating a presentation, complimenting his sacrifice can be counter-productive. This reinforces that the behavior is not only acceptable, but it also suggests you are impressed with it and might be inclined to follow suit.

2. Do Communicate Clearly

Approaching a workaholic supervisor can be intimidating, and you certainly don’t want to come across as offensive or insulting. Understanding that your boss’ actions are not intended to single you out or make your life miserable may be perspective you need. Aim for open and productive communication, and don’t assume your manager is out to get you.

3. Don’t Panic

It’s important that you adjust your own perspective of productivity. While it may be tempting to gauge your daily success based on the number of hours you work, it’s the quality of work you deliver that matters most. Being good at your job doesn’t mean working more; it means producing results. At the beginning of each day, make a list of what you want to accomplish, including starting projects that require heavy-lifting, and at the end of the workday (not at midnight) assess your list and figure out what to prioritize the following day.

4. Do Break Old Patterns

If after repetitively discussing work-life boundaries with your supervisor and seeing no change in expectations, it may be time to do some soul searching-;or job searching, for that matter. Your happiness is very important and if the unrealistic expectations and growing workload are not what you want for your career, then find another one that better suits your needs. As difficult as it can be to stay in a high-stress role, don’t let it compromise your integrity. Put in effort to make the best of the situation and prepare yourself to move on to bigger, better things.


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