LSL Management Tip # 4: Relaxation

LSL Management Tip # 4: Relaxation

Dear Readers,
Today we would like you to try this meditation on gaining empowerment for relaxation and focus of your thoughts.
Be sure you will be uninterrupted – turn off your cell phone and unplug your home or office phone just for this short period.
Relax your clothing on your body, take off your shoes, you want your body to be able to relax without feeling confined.
Sit or lie in a relaxed position.

 Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. 

Feel each part of your body as it relaxes and grows heavy.

Now focus on the darkness.

Keep breathing, slowly and deeply, while maintaining your relaxed state of body and mind.

Visualize the sun in the distance. It’s a bright yellow and white light but not distressing on your eyes.
As you relax, your body begins to feel very light and then begins to lift from your position and float above you. You are still keeping your focus on the sun.
You begin to drift slowly towards the light. You bathe in the warmth that radiates from its surface.
As you continue to glide closer and closer, the heat never intensifies but the warmth remains like a soft blanket wrapped around you on a chilly night. The sun continues to grow larger and larger as you get closer.
The light is all that is in sight, and you are drifting into it.
The yellow white light is encircling your being, caressing your soul, and you are becoming one with the brilliant light and the warmth.
All the powers of life are connected to you right now. The light is recharging your strength and the warmth is renewing your powers of control.
You can stay there as long as you like and take comfort in your safe place.
When you would like to retreat you will begin to drift out of the light, and now you are no longer part of the light but can see the definition of the shape of the sun.
You continue to focus on the calm feelings and the relaxed body. You drift further and further away from the sun. You float over your body and gently re-enter your earthly shape. As you lay there you feel comfortable, peaceful, and stress free.
Open your eyes and become conscious of the tranquil state of relaxation your body possesses.
Exit your gaining empowerment meditation slowly and return to the challenges of the day with the knowledge that you have renewed strength and control.
That’s LSL Management Tip, thanks for reading and be sure to check our website for LEARN . SUCCEED. LEAD.
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