Coaching is very similar to “Crayon Sharpening Process”. Each of us has unlimited resources that is being used and abused in the space that we exist – from micro to macro, family, friends, business circle, community, society, city, country, continent – each of them linked to...

Hello Readers and Riders!!

Today, I wanted to share an article wrote by Al Ries. This article, about marketing classics, will help you to succeed in your professional as well as in your personal life. Read this article and feel free to share it and comment it!

6 Horses to Ride

From: Positioning the Battle for Your mind by Al Ries image20 Some ambitious people find themselves trapped in situations where their future looks bleak. So what do they generally do? They try harder. They try to compensate by long hours of hard work and effort. The secret is to keep your nose to the grindstone, do your job better than the next person, and fame and fortune will come your way right? WRONG! Trying harder is rarely the pathway to success. Trying smarter is the better way. It’s the story of the shoemakers’ children all over again. Too often, management people don’t know how to manage their own careers. Their own promotional strategy is often based on the naïve assumption that ability and hard work are all that counts. So they dig in and work harder, waiting for the day someone will tap them on the shoulder with the magic wand. But that day seldom comes. The truth is, the road to fame and fortune is rarely found within you. The only sure way to success is to find you a horse to ride. It may be difficult for the ego to accept, but success in life is based more on what other’s can do for you than on what you can do for yourself.