This Is the Secret to Becoming Smarter – LSL MANAGEMENT TIP #54

This Is the Secret to Becoming Smarter – LSL MANAGEMENT TIP #54

If you follow this very simple technique, you will become a genius. Period. I’m not messing around. This is the real deal.

I don’t care how old you are. If you are five years old, this will work. If you are ninety years old, it will also work.

Your current intelligence level also doesn’t matter. If you are crazy, stupid it will work. If you are already very smart, it will work just as well.

Have as many new experiences as is humanly possible.

That’s the one and only rule. That’s it. You are done.

Your brain is the most wonderful creation in the universe. Our human brain is something exceptional and bizarre. Our frontal cortex is so unbelievably large in comparison to any other animal that it makes me wonder why many religions talk about the creation of men in the image of God.

Our bodies, on the other hand, are mediocre at best. They are amazing machines; don’t get me wrong. But many other animals possess even more impressive body characteristics than we do.

When you have new experiences, your brain is in overdrive. It creates new electrical connections and becomes even more complex and amazing than it already was.

Just make sure you remember what learning is while you are doing it. Learning is experiencing new experiences. In short, learning = download + process.

Examples of “download” are reading, hearing someone else speak, viewing a new scene, watching a movie, tasting a new taste, smelling a new smell, and reading this answer right now.

Examples of “process” are thinking about what happened today, sleeping, discussing your life with other people, talking to yourself, pausing for a moment while reading this article, and hearing your inner voice discuss your opinions.

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