The Age of Gender Fluidity

The Age of Gender Fluidity

2019. An era of change and modernisation has engulfed people of more than four generations. From the baby boomers to the millennials, we are living at a time when every generation is trying to learn and unlearn experiences and social conditionings.

In the recent past, as a society we have been tuned to the many concepts of gender fluidity. Our media has made us more aware of the definitions of the same and has been able to reach this further in-depth in our consciousness.

What is gender fluidity though? Well to define, is to label. And that is exactly the concept behind being fluid in terms of gender. To put simply, it means that a person doesn’t choose to define his or her gender. On some days, the individual may feel more masculine and on some days they may be more in touch with their feminine side.

Does this make you confused? Well, it is not a delusion! And to align oneself with such a concept is absolutely fair. Scientifically, all of us have testosterone and oestrogen in our body, which means we all have male and female hormones that balances us according to our nature assigned gender. Though many of us growing up, have been conditioned to believe that if we are a girl or a boy we should have a set pattern of behaviour to follow. There is no reason why that should be acceptable apart from the fact that it has been dictated by societal norms so far. Some days, even if you are not aligned to the notion of gender fluidity, you might feel more soft and feminine and on some days a woman might feel more masculine.

Gender fluidity doesn’t just stop there. Recently, because of active advocacy, free speech media and widespread news, this has streamed down to movies, arts and fashion too! It has become a very subtle silent but strong movement across the world.

Movies like A kid like Jake, talks very strongly and affirmatively about gender fluidity, portraying the sensitive circumstances it can give rise to in a family and how should parents of gender fluid kids adept to this. It’s a good educational film for the millennial parents who have to grapple with the reality of such notions that could be hard to understand and accept at the beginning. Breaking out of any kind of age old label is hard and requires a bit of education!

Even in fashion, brands have started rolling out clothes adhering to the norms of gender fluidity. Remember Billy Porter wearing the Tuxedo gown at the Golden Globes ? Or Cody Fern wearing a sheer Versace shirt with smokey eyes and curled hair? Fashion goals shedding gender barriers indeed!

At the end of the day we all have to come around accepting and embracing the sheer courage and forsaking the age old ideas of society too! It is a dawn of a new renaissance!


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