How to understand luxury? (2/2)

How to understand luxury? (2/2)

Welcome again for the second part of our article about “How to understand luxury?”.

This time we are going to focus more on the luxury training. You may be interested in luxury hotels, fashion and luxury cosmetics, luxury automobiles … Each of these branches has common codes and rules well distinct to its field. It is not uncommon to choose to specialize in luxury or reconvert in this area. Of course, there are learning courses totally dedicated to this industry. But if you want to train yourself or your employees in the luxury industry, there are trainings from a coach specializing in luxury.


What is Luxury Attitude ?

 There are several types of luxury: Iconic, Experiential and Intellectual… But each of these types of luxury has something in common with others: the luxury attitude. People working in the luxury lifestyle business should have a unique mindset of pleasing, pampering, providing unique and memorable experiences to the “customers”.We must therefore appropriate the “luxury attitude”:

-Enjoy the spirit of luxury

-The essence of manners

-Global habit and Etiquette

-The art of elegance

-Being your personal and professional best

-Emotional connection with the customer

-Luxury customer psychology


How to sell Luxury?

When it comes to sales, the customer who goes to luxury does not just choose to buy a product. It goes well beyond that. Above all, they are looking for an experience that will provoke extreme satisfaction that will strengthen their relationship with the brand or company they call on. In luxury sales, the seller must put himself in the customer’s shoes: understand these needs and offer him products that will please him. Observe and understand are the watchwords. Understanding exactly what the customer wants and desires will probably ensure sales and buyer satisfaction.The goal is to satisfy the customer more and more by offering a unique environment and treatment. He will feel special and this will strengthen his loyalty and his relationships with the brand, shop, company …You have to be sure that you and your employees have integrated the rules and codes of luxury selling. 

What about Dining Etiquette and Social Grace?


When you choose to specialize in the luxury sector, you need to make sure that you and your employees know how to behave in the presence of people in luxurious surroundings. You will notably go to events or dinners in places sometimes very select and upscale. A company or luxury brand is synonymous with sophistication and prestige. You must return this image because you are the showcase of your business.By incorporating the codes of the world of luxury, you and your employees will be able to put you in the shoes of your customers by understanding their lifestyle, knowing the places they frequent. Again, by observing and understanding the client, you are better able to provide what you are looking for and return to your business afterwards.This consists of:

-Mastering the art and the ways of the table.

-Understanding the cultural differences between Eastern and Western culture.

-Behaving during formal events.

That is LSL Management Tip, thanks for reading and be sure to check the other management tips on our blog for LEARN. SUCCEED. LEAD.

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