What is in a degree? The MBA myth

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What is in a degree? The MBA myth

Recently there was an argument that ran on social media, where today’s millennials argue over the practicality and efficiency of getting any kind of degree, especially one after the first graduation or the bachelor degree. Many claim, especially the millennials from the country’s with emerging markets that some MBA degrees don’t result in yielding them a higher paid job as the amount of time one spends in getting the MBA, their counterpart is investing it by furthering their career in the work environment.

To a certain extent, even if it may be true, there are many loopholes to that story. First of all, experience is experience, whether one invests to achieve it through education or pursuing work, is irrelevant. However, what is relevant is the fact that experience at any field is indispensable, especially if you come from a background like fashion or luxury where one needs to constantly upgrade their knowledge and radar. Sometimes, sticking to the same job and furthering your career in one direction can mean so little when after five years you realise that what you needed was an upgrade three years back to get a better exposure and insight.

That is why it becomes imperative to understand that a MBA degree holds so much value not just to get you a better job but also to help you grow in a holistic way. When it comes to Luxury Brand Management, there is a certain threshold of experience that one gains by working in luxury retail for a few years, but once you get a degree, you have opened yourself to so much of experience and knowledge.

For example, the MBA in Luxury Brand Management offered by IFA Paris not only gives you a taste of the business environment and practical know how of the sector but also lets you experience the lifestyle of living in a dual country.
There is so much more to a degree when you are learning at an international level, absorbing variant cultures, studying the markets and developing a broader sense of business knowledge and perspective. One also gets to meet different kind of brands from the luxury segment, home grown luxury brands from various fields and even have a tête-à-tête with brand owners to gain further insights about the intricacies of establishing a brand in a different market or a different country.

A MBA not only provides you the highest form of excellence or aids in getting a better job though that may be your ultimate motive, but the primary goal is the experience you absorb and the understanding you develop that stems from the fact that luxury and business is a story telling process that you have to put your heart into.

There is more to a degree than just a job that helps you pay your bills. If you have been absorbent enough, it will make you someone with a vision one day to own a brand in itself.
Like Robert Frost said , “I took the one less traveled by,And that has made all the difference.”

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