Ms Cathy Wen

Ms Cathy Wen

Facilitator, Senior Executive Coach

Areas of Expertise of Cathy Wen

Leadership & Team Development
Interpersonal Relationships & Communication Skills
Project Management
Work & Life Balance (Energy, Time & Stress)
Career Planning & Re-Positioning

Coaching Approaches:

Functions as an equal partner to help coaching counterparts identifying their most critical development goals, exploring new solutions, offering the support they need to challenge themselves and follow through on their commitments to create lasting behaviour changes.
•    Strength-based
•    Solution-focused & Practical
•    Narrative coaching
•    Emphasis on awareness, responsibilities and performance

Facilitation Style

Bringing team coaching and facilitation tactics into training to create an engaging and interesting learning environment;
Believing everyone in the workshop has something unique that can enhance the team learning experience
Blending a broad-range of professional & life experience into the content delivery.

Career History of Cathy Wen

Executive coach & Facilitator, affiliated to several industry leading organizations
Communications Director, Ferrari Greater China
General Manager at OMD (Omnicom Group) South China
Head of Brand and Corporate Communications, Nike China
Senior Marketing Head, International Resources Ltd. (Canada)
Section Chief of Foreign Affairs Office, Guangzhou Municipal Government

Qualifications and Education

Executive Coach Certificate, Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (ICF)
Organizational Team Coaching, Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (ICF)
Facilitation Technology, Open Quest (IAF)
MBA Career Coach & Mentor, China European International Business School (CEIBS)
MBA from University of British Columbia, Canada
Bachelor of Arts from Guangzhou University of Foreign Studies

Personal Background

Cathy Wen has 20 years of professional experience gained from serving both multinational companies as well as the public service sector in China. She has a balanced corporate path in the global headquarters (based in USA), Asia-Pacific Region (based in USA), Greater China & country head office (based in Shanghai).
Her career experience ranges over marketing, corporate communications, public relationships, business consulting, government affairs, organizational leadership development & executive coaching.
She has multiple markets’ working experience in China (Shanghai & Guangzhou), USA and Canada.
As a certified executive coach, Cathy Wen has coached in a wide range of industries, including FMCG, automobile, luxury, retail, food, health care, industrial, educational and professional services.
Born in a family with strong academic background, Cathy is passionate in developing next generation of business leaders in China. She is currently member of the MBA Career Mentoring Program of China Europe International Business School (CEIBS).
Cathy is keen on exploring life from different dimensions. Besides a dynamic career, she loves nature, enjoys arts & has travelled to over 50 countries. Her true passion, however, has always been in self-development and facilitating others to grow.
Her diverse professional background, multi-culture exposure, her own transformation from a business executive to an organizational coach/facilitator, and her genuine interest in helping others to live a full life add depth to her coaching & training practice.