What is coaching?

Coaching is a way to get the life you truly want! Coaching helps you develop your potential and talents and discover more of your authentic self, so that you can attain true fulfillment. 

Coaching is a one-on-one interaction in which your coach works with you in partnership to clarify your vision, discover new possibilities, set goals and create a strategy for achieving them. She helps you implement your strategy – dealing with the obstacles and helping you through the fear and discomfort of making changes, while offering support and encouragement. Your coach can also work with you on a single, specific issue or goal, such as writing a book, finding a new career or moving through a life transition.

 Like a sports coach, a personal coach provides an unbiased outside eye to help you see things more clearly, applies techniques from her training, shares what she’s learned from her own life experiences and cheers you on. And most of all, the synergy of coaching – the creativity of two minds working together is incredibly empowering.

Who works with a coach?

There are coaches with a myriad of specialties, including life, career, health, relationship and executive coaching, so just about anyone can work with a coach. Coaching is for those who want to be proactive in their lives – not just to wait to see what comes your way, but to actively decide what you want and 
pursue it.

 Most of the people who come to coaching have good lives and want them to be even better. It requires readiness and commitment, and a little bit of courage, and the rewards can be amazing. Working with a coach can simply improve your life or move it beyond what you ever imagined was possible.

What can coaching do for me?

Your coach is there to help and support you in moving your life forward more quickly and effectively than you could by yourself.
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Coaching can help you:

  • Advance in your career
  • Make your current job more satisfying
  • Change careers
  • Manage your small business or private practice with better focus and structure
  • Market your small business or private practice more effectively
  • Start and complete a project you’ve been putting off
  • Improve your relationships
  • Resolve ongoing negative patterns
  • Improve your health and well-being
  • Have a deeper connection with your spirituality
  • Organize your environment more effectively
  • Improve your financial situation
  • Be more productive
  • Have a more balanced and improved quality-of-life
  • Gain new perspectives
  • Make your big dreams possible
  • Achieve more than you can on your own

Your coach will:

Help you get a clear vision of how you want your life to be:

  • Be an objective and attentive listener
  • Give you honest and compassionate feedback
  • Remind you of your strengths and gifts
  • Guide you in acquiring useful life skills and resources
  • Help you progress more quickly toward your dreams than you could by yourself
  • Teach you simple techniques for breaking through overwhelming feelings that are hindering you from
  • Taking action on your goals
  • Offer a powerful support system
  • Customize his skills, tools and techniques for your unique needs


Our coaching policy:

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Our professional coaches provide an ongoing partnership designed to help the coachees produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. We help people improve their performances and enhance the quality of their lives. We are trained to listen, to observe and to customize their approach to individual client needs. We seek to elicit solutions and strategies from the coachee; we believe you are naturally creative and resourceful. Our job is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that you already have.

 Our coaching services follow a simple structure, in 4 complementary steps. We believe these steps shall not be overseen or shortened. Coaching takes a minimum of 12 sessions to be effective, at the rate of 1 session per week. A free introductory session is systemically done between the coach and the coachees. It is necessary to verify if the needs are well understood and if they’re going along smoothly.[/toggle]


[item title=”EXECUTIVE COACHING: one-to-one coaching“]

Key learning and description of session

Coaching One to One was designed in order to help you improve and refine your management skills on a more individual basis. Coaching is not teaching or lecturing and our program makes sure that you differentiate between the two and are able to effectively implement coaching into your management style. This module, with its 4-step process will have you effectively coaching individuals and teams seamlessly.


• Coach your employees on a collective and individual basis
• Learn to notice when coaching is necessary
• Improve your management style with excellent communication skills so that your employees will respect you and not fear you
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Coach Clarify the topic • Outcome desired • Actually happening • Create options • Hard copy action
Storm  Specific results • Time to complete • Others who can help • Resources needed • Measure of progress
Gold What was your goal? • What was the outcome? • What did you learn? • Next time what will you do differently?
Stages Setting • Topic of feedback • Opinion / Feedback • Establish action plan • Set review date[/toggle]

Group Sessions

[item title=”GROUP COACHING: Leader as a coach”]

Key learning and description of session

Our coaching involves working in a partnership between coach and coachee to provide structure, guidance and support in their personal and professional endeavor. Coaching can be especially useful to help individuals address complex problems and/or attain significant goals and do so in a highly individualized fashion. While coaching an executive, we also tackle the issues on the team level, assisting and accompanying the executive in his daily encounter and interactions with his/her team for better results.


• Become a magnet for talent and empowerment
• Sustain a network of support with a strong Personal Quotient (PQ)
• Build strong foundations
• Foster individual self-awareness by Gaps Grid (Abilities/Goals/Values/Perceptions/Success factors)
• Contribute in the choice of personal incentives
• Match the organizational incentives

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Partnership forging – build trust and understanding so people want to work with you
Inspire commitment – build insight and motivation so people focus their energy on goals that matter
Grow skills – build new competencies to ensure people know how to do what is required
Promote persistence – build stamina and discipline to make sure learning lasts on the job
Shape the environment – build organizational support to reward learning and remove barriers[/toggle][/item]
[item title=”GROUP COACHING: Re-defining your career”]

Key learning and description of session

The main objective of this Coaching program is to guide participants who wish to discover their career options or to determine if they have made the right decisions in terms of their career. This program is designed for those who are looking for a career possibility or are starting their career. Also, for those who wants to re-position themselves on the market or to define their career for the long-term. 

Guided by a Coach, you will analyze your professional profile and your potentials. Furthermore, you will define a strategy that meets with your professional growth and develop a plan of your personal career prospective.


1.Clarifying: • Your strengths and capabilities • Your motivation • Your values • Your priorities • Your long-term career objectives • Your professional profile • Your decisive success factors
2.Defining the high-potentials of your career and selecting the objectives that match best to the needs of the labor market and your profile.
3.Using these elements to optimize the search for your current or future position.
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“If you don’t stand for nothing, you will fall for anything”: Re-define your career with wisdom
Making a career change can make your life up side down but what if it makes it right side up eventually? In China the word CRISE is equal to word OPPORTUNITY.
4 Steps of Career change: 1.Self 2.Options 3.Match 4.Action
Self assessment “ME” – My values – My personality
Self assessment “PRIORITIES” – Likes – Dislikes
Self assessment “OPTIONS” – Explore – Research – Observe
Self assessment “MATCH” – Identify – Evaluate – Explore – Choose
short/long term goals
Self assessment “ACTIONS
My goals qualities: Conceivable – Achievable – Believable – Flexible
Self overview (all tests combined)
Action Plan for immediate application